Ports fans attack officials over Twitter

Shamrock Park.
Shamrock Park.

Portadown supporters have reacted with anger over social media following news of the Irish Football Association Appeals Board ruling.

Results of a double hearing backed the IFA disciplinary committee - with the Ports confirmed as having a 12-point deduction for the Danske Bank Premiership campaign and a 3-0 win awarded to Coleraine in relation to two appeals lodged by the Shamrock Park club.

The verdict described the 12-point ruling as “a proportionate and fair punishment” and that Portadown “deliberately sought to deceive the IFA” in relation to the contract status of Peter McMahon.

The Coleraine ruling is connected to the non-payment of fines and a suspension that covered the timeframe in which Portadown had been scheduled to kick off the season in August with a trip to The Showgrounds.

The majority of supporters who made contact with Johnston Press senior sports reporter Patrick Van Dort directed anger at the Portadown club’s officials.

Selected messages posted on Twitter are as follows:

‏@davewi99ins: If the board of @Portadownfc had any decency at all they would come out and apologise for this five year debacle.

@DeanIrwin81: Board need to apologise and go now, they’ve ruined our club, fans need to make their voices heard tmrw or sat.

‏@tchrissmyth: guilty of mismanagement so had to be found guilty.those who did it need to go.death knell? remains to be seen.

@gazzamar: the end of a once great club.

@ChrisSmyth84: The fans deserve so much better, the behaviour of the Board was atrocious, the club is dead now. Really is.

@donw1924: not surprised by the outcome but the club have to take responsibility, new low and don’t see how we can come back from this.

@neil_t_75: Not surprising. Have absolutely no faith in the Chairman and some of the board. Their positions are untenable.

@Miss_Red_Hen: looking forward 2the usual blindly delusional clique coming out with “sure theres nobody else” to take their place

‏@neil_t_75: I’m a strange mix of furious and gutted atm. Absolute clear out needed.

‏@TommythePort: The End simple relegation and then who knows. No point going anymore no future.

‏@SPortsSC98: Terrible administration of a club and it has cost us all dear. Could be the end of a once great football club.