Ports dismiss allegations over illegal payments

Shamrock Park
Shamrock Park

Portadown directors have hit back at allegations over player payments in relation to Tim Mouncey.

Media reports citing official sources have suggested the Ports could face the deduction of points or even relegation for “breach of strict wage payment rules”.

In response, the following statement has been released by the club’s Board of Directors:

“Several articles have appeared in press today regarding player payments.

“Following a request from the IFA, confidential records were passed to their offices on Monday of this week, demonstrating conclusively that the player in question did NOT receive any payment whatsoever from the club.

“The player is fully supportive of the club’s position.

“The apparent passage of confidential information from the IFA to the Press and the wholly inaccurate judgements made by journalists, demonstrate a total lack of professionalism and may prejudice the club’s position in any future discussions with regards to such matters.”