Travel Club progress 
proving major plus across debut season

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PORTADOWN’S Official Travel Club roster can boast over 70 members – a figure Bill Emerson admits has exceeded all pre-season expectations.

The club’s official touring group is open to all supporters, with members having contributed dues at the start of the season to secure discount rates and priority access to match tickets.

Emerson, the Portadown commercial secretary, has been delighted with the response to the idea.

“We have some members previously connected to clubs now sadly folded, such as Seagoe Reds and Edgarstown Reds,” said Emerson. “I am glad to say we also have healthy numbers in terms of individuals.

“We want to make sure any fan, young or old, can step on to the bus for the first time and feel welcome.

“Members have made food for certain lengthy away trips, there is a weekly raffle draw for a club shop voucher and Christmas gifts were even handed out to children around the festive dates.

“It is all abut encouraging people to travel as part of the supporters’ club.

“The success has certainly met and even surpassed any prior aims or objectives.

“In fact, our numbers have probably doubled those figures initially debated.

“There is, of course, a very real end product for the parent club.

“The Official Travel Club has been matchday sponsor on three occasions this season, with additional funds also provided to the Portadown board based on profits.

“We will have a club table at the end-of-season dinner and special ‘Player of the Year’ award.

“Every member has also been invited in at various points across the season to visit as a guest of the board.”

For further information contact Emerson on 07729804542.