Captain setting the standard

Hamilton Loney.
Hamilton Loney.

The Tandragee tournament now has the club captain’s squad out in front overall, with John Quinn leading the way for Loney’s players on 32 points.

Jimmy’s Jokers - under the guidance of James Magee - put up 248 points for 782 overall as Gary Mallon set the standard.

Eddie Harbinson’s One The Edge sit on 777 points for third overall, from fifth. James Brannigan registered 30 to finish as his team’s top scorer.

Other leading points are as follows: Left To Righters 773 (Nigel Duffy/Ross Dutton, 27), Bandits Awareness 764; Gordon’s Golfers 763; Dog Squad 762; VCZZ/Airforce One 755; The Veterans 750; Par Rangers 748; Up And Downers 712.

The weekly winners: John Quinn (0-7 handicap) 32 points; Joe Donaghy (8-10 handicap) 31; James Brannigan (11-13 handicap) 30; William Gillespie (14-plus handicap) 27.

The turkey results: 0-7 section: John Quinn over Stephen Burns 29; 8-11 section: Joe Campbell over Perry Small; 12-plus section: Alan Lawson over Gerald Mullen.

Ciaran Campbell, Garfield Sherman and John Quinn share the lead across the Winter League individual scoreboard thanks to 84 points.

Campbell holds the edge following the card adjustment over Sherman and Quinn - with Peter Crosby, Joe Campbell, Trevor Lovell, James Sloan, William Small, Erroll Moorhead, Alan Hewitt, Colin Percy and William Moore also in the rankings.

In the ladies’ Winter League, Dolores Hamill’s The French Hens hold first overall on 386. Hamill, the lady captain, set the team standard with 18 points.

Vera Brady’s Swans A Swimming sit second on 378 overall, with Clare McDonnell out in front. Lynn Moorhead’s Golden Rings complete the top three on 375 points thanks to Eileen Maginess and Myrtle Robinson.

Next in line are Helen Fleming’s The Ladies Dancing (Liz Fyfe, 16 points), Linda Weir’s Maids A Milking (Sonya Rowe, 19 points).

The weekly winners were: section one - Sonya Rowe 19 points and Vera Brady 19; section two - Myrtle Robinson 20 and Eileen Maginess 20.