Carrickblacker captain Jelly all set for his showpiece weekend meeting

David Ross and baby daughter Ella enjoy victory in the Coronation Cup. Making the presentation is Stanley Jelly (club captain).
David Ross and baby daughter Ella enjoy victory in the Coronation Cup. Making the presentation is Stanley Jelly (club captain).

Stanley Jelly is set for an early start tomorrow (Saturday) to his Captain’s Day celebrations.

The Portadown captain will be down at the first tee from 7 o’clock on Saturday morning to see starter John Brown launch the 2016 competition.

The final tee-off time has been marked after 2 o’clock - with the awards from 9.45.

Last weekend’s Lady Captain’s prize for men was won by Marty Rowland off his 16 handicap thanks to 40 points. Rowland collected Laura McAdam’s prize with pars across the final four holes.

Michael Connolly, the club president, posted 40 points to seal second - with Felim McCausland, Andrew Dale and Geoff Robinson each on 39 in front of Colin Porter. Andrew Fitzsimmons won the gross.

In the midweek Dr J.Garvin Memorial Trophy, Dougie Smith picked up the honour on 42 points ahead of Connie Wilson and Tim Sandford. David Sheard lifted the gross.

The Wednesday Sweep featured Don Black first on 36 points, with the section winners: 0-10 - Jonny Grant 29; 11-14 - Larry Ruddock 34; 15-18 - David Gordon 32; 19-plus - Patrick Farrell 35.

The Monday Seniors went to Tom Mallon thanks to 34 across the 14-hole Stableford.

Don Black was the low section winner with 33 and Liam Tennyson collected the high section on 32. Herbie McCartney proved the top veteran.

Open Mixed Greensomes results: 1, M.Bannerman and D.Hamill 41; 2, M.Lafferty and L.Weir 41; 3, B.Marshan and B.Marshan 40.

In the teams, Andrew Poole’s Junior Cup players met Ardglass in the first round.

A win by 3 matches to 2 helped Portadown progress.

The Mid-Ulster Senior Alliance squad enjoyed a path into the semi-finals with a dramatic defeat of Banbridge, having to overcome a 3.5 to 0.5 deficit to progress on holes won.

In the Senior Cowdy team, Portadown moved clear over Spa by 17.5 to 14.5 before today’s (Friday’s) away leg.

Portadown lost out to Clones in the Junior Cowdy by 2.5 matches to 1.5.

The Sam Rutherford panel hit the road for a weekend visit to Clones that left Portadown 11 holes down. Nigel Gilliland and Jonny Grant won by two holes, with success by one for Stevie Wray and Ryan McKee.

The Captain’s Day draw:

07.45: R.Kernaghan, A.Gribben, D.Brigton, M.Moorehead; 07.52: D.Blakely, B.Speers, M.Currington, D.Armstrong.

08.00: P.Hanna, K.Jackson, C.Garland, J.Kernaghan; 08.07: K.Gawley, P.Aiken, M.Woolsey, G.Posnett; 08.15: J.Sandford, S.Carvell, L.Gillis, B.Gracey; 08.30: S.Forbes, H.McCartney, M.Bell, J.Crocket; 08.45: A.Donaldson, I.Mackey, D.Cuthbert, R.Withers; 08.52: E.Monaghan, B.Reid, R.Hynds, J.Clarke.

09.00: D.McBride, K.McKeen, C.McCulla, B.Patterson; 09.07: M.Bulloch, S.Connolly, J.Stevenson, K.Thompson; 09.15: A.Woods, H.White, E.Barr, M.Adamson; 09.22: D.Brisbane, I.Wray, C.Woods, D.Black; 09.30: D.Smith, D.Black, G.Lamb, R.McKimm; 09.37: C.Banks, K.Lindsay, C.Pearson, J.Alfante; 09.45: M.Collet, H.Mull, S.Walker, E.Wray; 09.52: T.Benson, M.Kerr, D.Wilson, M.Heaney.

10.00: D.McCoy, G.Kerr, J.Beattie, C.Sloan; 10.07: M.Currie, L.Ruddock, J.Hamilton, T.Beatie; 10.15: A.Robinson, R.Hughes, D.Thompson, D.Lewis; 10.22: J.McCrory, E.O’Hagan, G.Lynass, T.Smyth; 10.30: J.Brown, S.McChesney, F.McCausland, E.McReynolds; 10.37: C.Black, G.Allister, T.Madill, W.Graham; 10.45: A.Fitzsimmons, G.Robinson, E.Clements, M.Graham; 10.52: J.Mackin, W.Hewitt, V.Kelly, T.Kerr.

11.00: M.Lavery, P.McLoughlin, S.McDonald, K.Dalzell; 11.07: Z.McClelland, M.McDonald, M.Bell, F.McKee; 11.15: R.McKee, B.Valley, C.Porter, R.McKimm; 11.22: J.Grant, R.Hill, J.Gilliland, G.Culbert; 11.30: A.Gordon, P.Baxter, N.Aston, C.Wilson; 11.37: A.Elliott, J.McIlroy, V.O’Brien, C.Kennedy; 11.45: K.Shaw, S.Sandford; 11.52: V.Stewart, B.Williamson, S.Bancroft.

12.00: V.Friar, M.McCallum, P.Nixon-Black; 12.07: L,McAdam, N.Bell, S.Dale; 12.15: N.Gillialnd, K.Guy, R.McReynolds; 12.22: W.Nixon, D.Carville, S.Wray; 12.30: C.Jelly, D.Jelly, P.McClelland, M.Gillis; 12.37: R.Stewart, D.Rainey, J.Cassidy, J.Rankin; 12.45: E.Haughey, A.Poole, D.McDowell, M.Jones; 12.52: M.Sloan, S.Fox, G.Ludlow, S.Grant.

13.00: S.Aston, T.Sandford, D.Malone, C.McKeever; 13.07: W.Barker, D.Henderson, G.Greene, B.Friar; 13.15: D.McCann, M.Bancroft, G.Lutton, P.Coulter; 13.22: D.Allen, M.Connolly, K.Walker, G.Willis; 13.30: T.McFarland, A.Whitten, K.Judge, J.McCallum; 13.37: G.Robinson, J.Rowe, L.Girvan, D.Gordon; 13.45: D.Ross, I.Lamb, C.Fox, A.Greenlee; 13.52: J.Gordon, L.Fox, T.Sandford, D.Jeffers.

14.00: A.Simpson, J.Whitfield, P.Hill, H.Stevenson; 14.07: S.Poole, J.Guy, E.Rowe, J.Johnston; 14.15: D.Dunlop, P.Collen, D.Thornbury.