Countback system helps settle Tandragee trophy

Dolores Hamill (lady captain, left) and Adrian Maney (Ulster Carpet Mills, tournament sponsors) during a ladies' Winter League presentation to Lynn Moorhead.
Dolores Hamill (lady captain, left) and Adrian Maney (Ulster Carpet Mills, tournament sponsors) during a ladies' Winter League presentation to Lynn Moorhead.

The arrival of snow in Tandragee resulted in the closure of the course on Saturday and, as a result, postponement of the Winter League’s final outing.

However, a decision to count seven scores from the eight weeks of play in the Hotstoves NI of Tandragee-sponsored tournament produced a winner.

The Left To Righters and One The Edge both clocked up 1,962 points to share top spot in the team standings.

However, Matthew Leckey’s Left To Righters posted 1,751 points off six cards to edge clear overall thanks to the countback system up against Eddie Harbinson’s men on 1,748.

The Captain’s Lot players and Airforce One - the latter under the guidance of the club president - managed to complete the top four on, respectively, 1,947 and 1,922 points.

Richard Hyland’s VCZZ players finished fifth on 1,921, with Bandits Awareness - led by Ashley McConville - holding sixth place on 1.915 points.

Gordon’s Little’s Gordon’s Golfers posted 1,909 for seventh and Colin McKillop’s Par Rangers were next home on 1,908.

The Jimmy’s Jokers squad led by James Magee registered 1,899 points for ninth, with Paul McKenna’s Up And Downers wrapping up the top 10 on 1,872 points.

George Quinn’s The Veterans posted 1,853 points for 11th and Gary Calvert’s Dog Squad group came home bottom overall on 1,831.

The turkey results for week nine were confirmed via a draw as follows: 0-7 section - 1, Gerard Guy and 2, Andy Burns; 8-11 section - 1, Terry Goward and 2, Ken Rowe; 12-plus section - 1, William Gillespie and 2, Douglas Hazard.

In the race for the individual prizes, John Quinn finished first on 203 points, with a seven-card total of 185 securing the main trophy over Garfield Sherman.

Sherman was also on 203 points but with 181 off seven cards from eight weeks.

Ralph Buckley scored 202 points for a final tally of 179 to secure third, followed home by Trevor Lovell’s 178.

Derek Armstrong and Philip Irwin finished on 177 points apiece - with the former first thanks to the four-card countback system compared to the latter.

William Small picked up the gross prize with 303 shots, a 12-under-par total for the seven-week schedule.

The winners in each team:

Team One - Colin Rooney 175 points; Team Two - James Girvan 176 points; Team Three - Barry Galvani 176 points; Team Four - Paul Topley 175 points; Team Five - Gary Calvert 170 points; Team Six - Alan Black 173 points; Team Seven - Joe Campbell 176 points; Team Eight - Geoff Gray 176 points; Team Nine - Brendan Mallon 175 points; Team 10 - Maurice Reynolds 173 points; Team 11 - Gerald Mullen 168 points; Team 12 - Richard Quinn 174 points.

In the ladies’ Winter League - sponsored by Ulster Carpet Mills - Dolores Hamill’s French Hens finished first on 715 points.

Linda Weir’s Maids A Milking came in second behind the lady captain’s group on 709 points, with Lynn Moorhead’s Golden Girls next in line.

Helen Fleming was the leading player for Ladies Dancing, with Myrtle Robinson top in the Golden Rings squad, Margaret Kerr first with Swans A Swimming, Suzy Walsh out in front for The French Hens and Vivienne Loney the main scorer with Maids A Milking.

Karen Shaw finished first in the individuals on 100 points, with Lynn Moorhead the runner-up across the countback.

The countback system proved decisive for the next three positions on 99 apiece.

Lavern Saunders was third, Vera Brady in fourth and Marlyn Warren fifth - before Dolores Hamill wrapped up the top six on 96.

The juniors’ Christmas competition is scheduled for Tuesday, December 22 from 11 o’clock.