Poole’s players on the rise up the ’Blacker league rankings

Keith Walker celebrating a recent hole-in-one success on the sixth at Carrickblacker.
Keith Walker celebrating a recent hole-in-one success on the sixth at Carrickblacker.

Andrew Poole - who has steered a side to Winter League success over each of the past three years - can point to fine form over the opening stages of this season’s tournament.

A 13-card team total of 278.5 points in the Richardson’s Meats-sponsored competition featured Val Russell as the leading scorer on 27.

Russell, as a result, was the turkey winner in section three, with Liam Murray’s 25 tally and Lex Girvan on 23.

Milne Sloan helped his team to second with 273 points, holding fourth overall. Gareth Robinson lifted section two’s ham, with Stephen Poole on 24 and Liam Tennyson collecting section three’s turkey.

The Simpson team registered 271.5 points for third, with John Mackin’s players fourth on the leaderboard thanks to 267.5 and first overall. Philip Aiken posted 25 points, with Andy Fitzsimons and Rod Park also impressive on, respectively, 23 and 22.

The Walker team came home fifth on 263.5 points - followed by groups under the guidance of Mark Jones (261.5), Ashley Elliott (254), John Cassidy (253), Stevie Grant (252) and Nigel Gilliland (246.5),

The team positions after week two: 1, Mackin 16; 2, Poole 15; 3, Walker 14; 4, Simpson 12; 5, Sloan 12; 6, Gilliland 11; 7, Cassidy 10; 8, Grant 8; 9, Elliott 6; 10, Jones 6.

The weekly results were as follows: Section one - 1, Brian Galbraith 24.5 points (£20 voucher); 2, Steve McChesney 24 points (ham); 3, Stephen Poole 24 points (£12 voucher); 4, Andrew Fitzsimmons 23 points (£8 voucher). Section two - 1, Philip Aiken 25 points (£20 voucher); 2, Gareth Robinson 24.5 points (ham); 3, Don Black 24 points (£12 voucher); 4, Lex Girvan 23 points (£8 voucher). Section three - 1, Liam Tennyson 23.5 points (£20 voucher); 2, Lee Bicker 23 points (ham); 3, Dessie Rainey 22.5 points (£12 voucher); 4, David Love 22 points (£8 voucher). Section four - 1, Val Russell 27 points (£20 voucher); 2, Liam Murray 25 points (ham); 3, Rod Park 22 points (£12 voucher); 4, David Dunlop 21.5 points (£8 voucher).

Friday’s Foursomes Matchplay final featured Dave Stewart and Andy Donaldson up against Andrew Connolly and Adam Gordon. It proved level after eight holes before Stewart and Donaldson won the next five for a 6&5 success.

Don Black picked up the Monday Seniors prize thanks to 33 points, with Gordon Willis leading the low section on 32 and Kenny Guy with the same score to top the high section. Bill Stewart was placed as leading veteran on 31 points.

Portadown’s Carlingford Cup squad suffered a semi-final defeat at Dundalk on Sunday.

It was 19-13 in the Carrickblacker’s club’s favour entering last weekend, with 13.5 points the target on the road.

Andy Poole and John Mackin were unable to post any singles points but Ryan McKee enjoyed a clean sweep of four. Eamon Monaghan registered 3.5.

In the decisive foursomes, Stevie Fox and Stevie Grant lost out but Andrew Connolly and Stevie Wray pushed the semi-final to the final hole. Wray’s narrow miss on a five-foot birdie putt left Portadown down on the day by 20.5-11.5.