Grimes’ message to embrace the full experience

Brendan Grimes’ belief in a County Armagh blueprint has led to impressive results and performances during his association with the youth tournament.

The global scale of the summer competition can provide players from the area with a wide range of cultural and technical tests.

However, Grimes puts his faith in a system developed alongside a coaching team of Andy Smith and Jay Willis to present players the perfect platform for maximising a week in the spotlight.

“The players change but we trust our way of working and it is about bringing everything together next week,” said Grimes. “From a coaching viewpoint, we have been working together now for five years or so and can slip into the way of working from the first day.

“It is about organisation and giving the players a plan to execute alongside individual ability.

“Our players will face teams from Spain, Colombia and New Zealand in the first three days alone.

“It is about those experiences against different backgrounds and playing styles so you want the players to buy into it all over the week.

“Most of the players now come into the Milk Cup with connections to Irish League clubs and that helps with individual development.

“We can put more focus on tactical work and this week has been spent on set-pieces as games against teams from professional Academy backgrounds may hand you one chance and you need to have a plan.”

County Armagh fixture details for the initial stages:


MONDAY, JULY 27: County Armagh v Swindon Town (3.30, Anderson Park, Coleraine).

TUESDAY, JULY 28: County Armagh v County Tyrone (3.30, Riada Stadium, Ballymoney).

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29: County Armagh v Right To Dream (1.30, The Showgrounds, Coleraine).


MONDAY, JULY 27: County Armagh v Real Sociedad (7 o’clock, Seahaven, Portstewart).

TUESDAY, JULY 28: County Armagh v Alset Colombia (5 o’clock, Parker Avenue, Portrush).

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29: County Armagh v Otago Academy (3.30, Clough, Ballymena).