Hull home in first around the Carrickblacker course

Melvin Hull finished as the pick of the Carrickblacker field across the latest Clubworld Travel New Year Tournament outing.

Sunday, 21st February 2016, 7:00 pm
Melvin Hull.

He posted 25 points across the 10-hole stableford competition to top week three’s section C programme.

Vincent O’Brien was next in line on 23.5 points, followed by Neil Aston.

In section A, David Ross put 24.5 points on the scoreboard over Keith Walker and Nigel Semple.

Ronnie McReynolds was the leading section B player on 23 points, ahead of Wilfred Reavie and Stephen Aston.

Stanley Templeton scored 24 points across section D in front of Connie Wilson and Paul McAdam.

Gordon Willis is sitting first overall in section A after week three of the competition.

Willis has a tally of 16 points, with Michael Collett next in line on 12.

Paul Hanna holds the upper hand in section B thanks to 14 points - followed by Brian Galbraith, Ronnie Hynds, Wilfred Reavie and Ronnie McReynolds.

In section C, Neil Aston is head of the table on 14 points over Vincent O’Brien and Mark Sinnamon.

Stanley Templeton is first in section D on 17 points in front of Bryan Friar and Dessie McCann.

Congratulations go to Derek McCoy following his hole-in-one success at the 15th during the Monday Seniors.

Ronnie Weir came out on top with 24 points.

Pete Savage finished first in the low section on 23 points, with 22.5 points putting Liam Tennyson top of the high section.

Herbie McCartney was the leading veteran on 20 points.


Adrian Maney and Mark Bannerman sit top of the Ulster Carpets-sponsored Johnston Shield standings thanks to 116 points overall from the Tandragee schedule.

The leading three scores posted put Maney and Bannerman on 91 points - with Colin McKillop and Philip Irwin next in line on 88 within a main tally of 113.

Geoff Gray and Ashley McConville share third with the pairings of John Weir and Robert Megarity, Neil Hazard and Douglas Hazard and Philip Greer and Tom Farson - on 87 points apiece.

Simon Muldrew and Norman McGladdery sit level with Paul Topley and John Quinn.

Five partnerships can boast 85 points - Tony Graham and Michael Lyons, Colin Calvert and Matt Laverty, Gerard Guy and Jim Campbell, Paul Headley and Andy Latimer and John Haffey and Stuart Paul.

The weekly winners: 1, Brian Gilpin/Paul Rush 30 points (17 across the back six); 2, Colin McKillop/Philip Irwin 30 points (16 across the back six); 3, Andy Latimer/Paul Headley 30 points (15 across the back six).