IRISH LEAGUE: ‘We Are Ports’ scheme offers fans ‘direct line’ to help save club

Shamrock Park.
Shamrock Park.

This week’s call to arms from the Portadown directors has generated a wave of goodwill within the club fanbase.

An open meeting on Monday between the Board of Directors and fans highlighted concerns over the future of the club to complete the current campaign due to historical debts of around £300,000 dating back approximately 15 years.

As officials at the top of the club negotiate on a resolution to that key issue, supporters have taken immediate small steps towards internal aid.

“We have had an increase in membership to the ‘We Are Ports’ scheme already since Monday,” said Johnny Dunlop, the WAP supporters’ group secretary. “For £12 per month fans can sign up online via our website or Twitter account.

“Each member has a vote to decide on how we then use that money and it remains the most direct line towards the club open to supporters.

“Our support is needed now more than ever, we have enjoyed the best of times following Portadown and it is up to us to help ensure future generations get that same chance.”

Contact ‘We Are Ports’ chairman Mark Beattie on 07851207689.

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