Clogher road trip offers test under the floodlights

Richard Hedley.
Richard Hedley.

Portadown hit the road tonight (Friday) to face one of the season’s most exciting fixtures under the floodlights at Clogher Valley.

Richard Hedley’s men enjoyed a blank date last weekend but return to competitive play at Clogher Valley in the latest chapter of the Qualifying League rivalry.

Time spent on the training pitch in preparation for the high-profile fixture could prove crucial.

“A night match under the floodlights can add something extra to a match, especially if the conditions are suited to good rugby,” said Hedley. “I am sure it is a match the players have been thinking over for some time now.

“Games with Clogher Valley have been good tests in the past and we are pleased with training leading up to the match.

“This will go down as probably the toughest fixture so far this season but I am looking forward to watching how the players cope with that challenge.

“It is about eliminating errors but with the emphasis on enjoying the match as that is when we always play our best.”

Portadown members wish Jack Orr a full and speedy recovery from injury.

Weekend teamsheets:

Firsts v Clogher Valley (Friday, away, league, kick-off 7.45): M.Neilly, R.Reid, M.Henderson, J.Carlton, W.Graham, G.Hall, M.Alistair, G.McCoy, D.Tully, C.Cousens, A.Morton, N.Irwin, J.Holden, C.Magarity, R.Purvis, D.O’Kane, M.Wilson.

Seconds v Rainey OB thirds (Saturday, home, league, kick-off 1 o’clock): G.Reid, DT.Thompson, M.Davison, R.Blair, D.Alexander, J.Burns, D.Thompson, D.Hardy, J.Hampton, O.Montels, C.Chambers, R.Ciack, D.Whitten, H.Anderson, S.Buckley, R.Dougan, A.Winter, R.Quinn.

Thirds v Armagh thirds (Saturday, home, league, kick-off 1 o’clock): D.Cornett, J.Allen, J.Black, A.Dunne, P.Keitley, S.Lynas, J.Elliott, K.Boyce, G.McCullough, S.Hamilton, R.Davis, D.Harpur, C.Woods, M.Beale, R.Duffy.

Fourths v Belfast Harlequins fourths (Saturday, away, league, kick-off 1 o’clock, meet 11.30: A.Gilpin, S.Close, B.Williamson, K.Gribben, D.Preston, M.Stevenson, M.Gill, J.Leckey, R.Brown, J.Matthews, C.Phun, S.Lappin, A.Laverty, C.McCann, T.Beattie, W.Graig, K.McQuaid.