Cup setback to serve seniors as motivation for league push

Richard Hedley.
Richard Hedley.

Portadown must turn last weekend’s Towns’ Cup exit into motivation for future league progress over the closing stages of the campaign.

That is the message from Chambers Park head coach Richard Hedley in the aftermath of the quarter-final defeat away to Clogher Valley.

“We have seven league games coming up and four wins would probably secure a top-four finish and cup qualification,” said Hedley. “We wanted a strong Towns’ Cup run this season and the Clogher Valley result was the most disappointing in my six years with the club.

“The players put so much into the match and deserved a greater reward at the close of the tie.

“They delivered the gameplan in the right way for so much of the match and not only moved the ball across the pitch but also dominated with our kicking.

“Now we must focus on the push towards a top-four spot.

“If we match Saturday’s performance then it should help us.”

Firsts v Ards (league, home, start 2.30): M.Wilson, M.Allister, M.Neilly, J.Carlton, W.Graham, G.Hall, D.O’Kane, G.McCoy, B.Forestal, D.Tully, A.Chambers, J.Holden, C.Cousens, R.Purvis, A.Morton, G.Reid, R.Reid.

Seconds v Cavan (league, away, start 2.30): M.Davison, RJ.Greenlee, R.Muldrew, D.Alexander, J.Graham, M.Muldrew, T.Johnson, D.Hardy, N.Irwin, N.Davison, J.Parr, R.Gracey, R.Quinn, N.McCartney, S.Buckley, A.Winters, J.Burns, J.Purdy.

Thirds v Queen’s thirds (Foster Cup, home, start 2.30): G.Cauldwell, D.Cornett, R.McClean, P.Keightley, C.Dunne, S.Lynas, J.Elliott, S.Lamb, G.McCullagh, S.Hamilton, C.Chambers, A.Harra, D.Harpur, A.Graham, C.Megarity, R.Davis, J.Allen.

Fourths v Civil Service seconds (league, home, start 2.30): B.Williamson, W.Craig, A.Gilpin, B.Milligan, C.Armitage, W.Newell, K.McQuaid, J.Leckey, J.Hampton, J.Matthews, C.McCann, K.Anderson, A.Morton, J.McKeever, B.Kerr.