Frustration at Chambers Park due to switch for Clogher date

Richard Hedley.
Richard Hedley.

The postponement of this weekend’s proposed Qualifying League clash with Clogher Valley at Chambers Park has disrupted club affairs on and off the field.

With Clogher’s Towns’ Cup date against Armagh called off last Saturday, that tie will automatically switch to the weekend programme.

The fact that events remain beyond Portadown’s control offers scant consolation to the town men.

“It was going to be a big match and a big day for the club,” said Richard Hedley, Portadown’s head coach. “The prediction is that bar takings alone on Saturday would have been significant due to a dinner planned for over 100 guests and the buzz of a large crowd.

“We accept that nothing can be done but, with the absence of a free Saturday in the calendar, it is also looking as if we must meet Clogher in midweek.

“It is a shame as people had been putting a lot of hard work in around the club in advance to try and maximise the fixture.

“From a team viewpoint, obviously we structure our training in preparation for a specific match so that alters our plans for the players.

“It is also disappointing as the seconds have a blank date too this weekend.”

Portadown can look forward to a cup quarter-final date following last weekend’s defeat of Banbridge seconds.

“I have watched the video and we scored five good tries,” said Hedley, who was in England with work commitments. “We also defended well.”

Thirds v Limavady (league, away, meet 12 o’clock): G.Cauldwell, D.Cornett, R.McClean, P.Keightley, C.Dunne, S.Lynas, J.Elliot, K.Boyce, G.McCullagh, S.Hamilton, R.Davis, B.Maine, D.Harpur, M.Beale, G.Hutton, S.May.

Fourths v PSNI (league, home, meet 2.30): S.Cross, W.Craig, B.Williamson, C.Armitage, B.Milligan, W.Newell, R.Dougan, S.Lappin, AN.Other, J.Matthews, C.MCann, S.Lappin, B.Lavery, J.McKeever, B.Kerr, N.Glass, R.McCullough.