Hedley hoping hard work across training can help cut out errors

Richard Hedley.
Richard Hedley.

Richard Hedley will turn to the training ground for answers to Portadown’s on-pitch problems on the road.

A weekend reverse away to Dromore arrived as a result of common characteristics - with the town seniors, once again, struggling to build any significant patterns of play in difficult conditions.

“It has happened in the past and Dromore had a physical advantage over us, plus got the basics right on the day despite the weather,” said Hedley, the head coach at Chambers Park. “It is an old problem for us and greater numbers at training would help.

“We have a squad of mixed experience levels but the younger lads can see the benefits of hard work put in across training.

“The greater the numbers at training then we can go into games with increased selection options.

“It is then easier for those players coming in to settle as they have trained with the seniors in the past and understand our gameplan.

“We have a free Saturday but I am sure they will produce a response next weekend.

“The progress of individuals has been encouraging but we are especially pleased with the seconds’ development.

“Credit to everyone connected to the seconds and that is something which can really help the club overall.”

Seconds v Donaghadee (league, away, meet 12.15, start 2.30): M.Davison, D.Thompson, G.Reid, R.Blair, A.Winter, J.Burns, D.Alexander, D.Hardy, J.Hampton, R.Purvis, C.Chambers, R.Ciack, C.Woods, R.Quinn, S.Buckley, AN.Other, AN.Other, AN.Other.

Thirds v Ballymena (league, away, meet 12.15, start 2.30): J.Allen, R.McClean, C.Dunn, P.Keightley, J.Elliott, J.Lynas, K.Boyce, G.McCullough, S.Hamilton, M.Beale, D.Harpur, AN.Other, N.McCartney, G.Hutton, R.Davis.

Fourths v Larne (cup, home, meet 1.30, start 2.30): A.Gilpin, W.Craig, L.McClure, J.Taylor, C.Armitage, M.Stevenson, W.Newell, A.Bonis, R.Neville, J.Matthews, A.Morton, K.Anderson, K.Adams, E.Murray.