Latest show results and club news from around the lofts

Enjoying the recent Laurelvale HPS awards show.
Enjoying the recent Laurelvale HPS awards show.

Results are as follows from the latest shows:

GILFORD AND DISTRICT RPS: 1, Adamson and Anderson; 2, A.Neill; 3, Dillon and Morrow; 4, Adamson and Anderson; VHC, Hyde Bros; HC, T.Wilson; C, C.Duke; special young birds handled, Alex and Aiden. Thanks go to judges K.Henderson and D.Lyness. The Christmas show will run in Dunbarton Bowling Club tomorrow (Saturday) with classes for TTW, handling and colour class. Penning is from 12-2 o’clock.

PORTADOWN AND DRUMCREE: 1, Hagan and Rowney; 2, Hagan and Rowney; 3, Hagan and Rowney; 4, Hagan and Rowney; VHC, R.Hutchinson; HC, Sloan and Reid; C, M.Livingstone; special best red, R.Bishop. Thanks to judges WR.Capper, J.Greenaway and P.Boyd. The Christmas show will feature class prizes for any age cock or hen JTW and handling, with a special for best young hen and cock in each class.

LAURELVALE HPS: 1, J.Dowey and son; 2, G and C.Topley; 3, Gillis and Radcliffe; 4, G and C.Topley; RES, S.Fiddes; VHC, Gillis and Radcliffe; HC, J.Dowey and son; best young cock, Gillis and Radcliffe; best young hen, Thompson Bros. Thanks go to judges the McKinstry brothers. Laurelvale’s recent dinner and awards ceremony featured Joe Adamson and Nigel Anderson as special guests the Bannville House Hotel.

EDGARSTOWN HPS: 1, G and C.Simmons; 2, G and C.Simmons; 3, J.Parr; 4, J.Parr; VHC, G and C.Simmons; HC, J.Parr; C, J.Parr; best mealy, J.Sterritt; best young bird, G and C.Simmons. The next show will be for young birds - with D.Love, O.Forde, R.Cassells and R an J.McCracken to run the show.