Strong results to close out winter season at Lime Park

Lindsey Megarry on 'Jet' at Lime Park.
Lindsey Megarry on 'Jet' at Lime Park.

The final Winter Showjumping League meeting of the indoor season at Lime Park attracted support from riders and sponsors in the region.

The Moira-based equestrian centre’s closing horse and pony event offered the latest challenge to the ever-improving panel thanks to course designed by Mickey McCann.

Thanks go to Michael McAvoy Haylage and Bedding (Portadown), Ashleigh McAlease Forever Living Products, Stonebridge Horse Feeds, Lime Park Tack Shop, Equestrian Farm Feeds and JHD Photography.

BEGINNERS: Lydia-Marie Close (May Girl), Kyle Close (May Girl), Sarah Agnew (Herbie), Rhianna Weir (Monty), Sophie Cusick (Poppy).

50CMS: Sophie Watt (Milo), Lois Best (Danny), Keeley Megarry (Millie), Shaw Welsh (Danny), Zara McRoberts (Herbie), Alysia Rea (Pancake), Vivienne Andrews (Sarah’s Pebbles), Harry McMillan (Case), Sophie Cusick (Poppy), Rhianna Weir (Monty), Anna McErlane (Lilly),

60CMS: Lois Best (Danny), Sophie Watt (Milo), Shaw Walsh (Danny), Sarah Agnew (Paddy), Harry McMillan (Case), Keeley Megarry (Sprite), James Hepburn (Star), Anna McErlane (Lilly).

70CMS: Sarah Agnew (Paddy), Sophie Hanna (Oreo Patches), Jamie Leigh Close (Carlos), Sophie Watt (Milo), Charlotte McRoberts (Apache), Becca McParland (Ed).

80CMS: Abbie McMillan (Case), Ella Heron (Dam Boy), Emma Bradford (April), Leigh Camlin (Dee Dee Mim), Katelyn Vallely (Ellie), Amy Tubman (TT), Jamie Leigh (Close Carlos, Sarah Agnew (Paddy), Becca McParland (Ed).

90CMS (OPEN): Abbie McMillan (Case), Dee Murphy (Suzie), Katelyn Vallely (Ellie), Leigh Camlin (Dee Dee Mim), Amy Tubman (TT).

1.00MT: David Agnew (Boris), Ella Heron (Dam Boy), Abbie McMillan (Case), Dee Murphy (Suzie), Leigh Camlin (Dee Dee Mim).